It was fifty two years ago, when the leading citizens from the different fields of life of Latur area, namely : Late Shri Manikraoji Sonavane, Shri Chandrashekharji Bajpai, Shri Keshavraoji Sonavane, Late Shri Ramgopalji Rathi, Late Shri Nathmalji Inani, Shri Shantilalji Shah and Shri Madanlaji Biyani, recognized the importance of higher education in order to achieve the overall progress and prosperity of the region. These dignitaries came together and decided to start a college in Latur. As many of them were followers of “Arya Samaj’, they proposed the name of Swami Dayanand for the education society. Hence, the name ‘Dayanand Education Society”. The modest beginning was the foundation of Dayanand College of Arts, Science and Commerce Latur, in the year 1961. In 1964 the inclusion of Late Shri Raja Narayanlalji Lahoti in the society, gave enormous moral support to the development of the society. The society has now made such a rapid progress with the establishment of four separate single faculty colleges by the society.
It was felt by the society to offer quality education in science to the students of this rural area. Therefore Science College was separated with an independent status as “Dayanand Science College, Latur” in the year 1967. This proved to be a milestone in the development of Science education of the region. Under the able and dynamic leadership of Principal K.H. Purohit, the college made outstanding progress. Now “Dayanand Science College, Latur” is one of the well-known and reputed Science Colleges in Maharashtra State. Initially, the college offered under graduate (UG) course with the basic subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology. Keeping the pace with time and sensing the needs of the students, applied subjects like Industrial Chemistry, Microbiology, Fishery Science and Electronics were introduced in the year 1978-79. The year 1977 saw us through a wonderful achievement viz. A separate new building of Science college was constructed to accommodate class rooms. The new building was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of the then Vice-president of India Honorable Shri B.D.Jatti. Being a single faculty science college having long standing establishment, the Management, Principal Dr. G.M. Deshmukh and Staff gave a serious thought to introduce post graduate (PG) courses in Physics, Chemistry and Microbiology in 1992. Introduction of PG courses benefited UG students of this area, because at that time Physics and Chemistry courses were run at the University level only and Microbiology course was run by the Government Institute of Science, Aurangabad only. The introduction of these PG courses amounted to the vertical growth of our college. During the same period the Computer Centre was established to impart computer education to the staff and students leading to certificate course. Journals and periodicals are available in the reading room. The college has a team of highly qualified young and long-standing experienced talented teaching staff with Ph.D. and M. Phil. degrees. Most of the times the students topped in ranking in the university examinations both at UG and PG levels

Dayanand College History01 Dayanand College History

Now a days Dayanand Education Society, has completed 52 years establishing one after another educational institutes at Latur according to the growing needs of local community. At first, Dayanand Arts, Science, Commerce College was together but from the year 1967 each has become independent Colleges. In the independency each of Colleges growing up very rapidly. Today the trust is running the following institutes at its educational complex of 22 acres area.

i) Dayanand Science Senior College
ii) Dayanand Science Jr College
iii) Dayanand Art’s Senior College
iv) Dayanand Art’s Jr. College
v) Dayanand Commerce Senior College
vi) Dayanand Commerce Jr. College
vii) Dayanand Law College
viii) Dayanand Pharmacy College
ix) Dayanand College of Interior Design
Each and every institute has its independent infrastructure and building. Near about 10,000 students is taking education at these institutes from Junior to Senior College up to UG, PG and Ph. D. level. In this institute nearly about 800 teaching staff and non-teaching staff working continuously to achieve the mission and goals of institute. Each senior college has different additional certificate courses and Research Laboratories. All the institutes run by the trust are well-equipped, furnished fulfilling all the infrastructural needs having 24 hours water supply, sufficient light arrangements and fully qualified and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff. The managing body of the trust is very keen to fulfill the vacant posts as per reservation norms of State Government. The trust is financially competent to start new courses and programmes according to the need of the community. Our Hon. Chairman, Hon. office bearers and Hon. Directors of the managing body as well as the members of the trust are dedicated to attain educational goals, having experience of running the trust for long years devoting their valuable time for the fulfillment of educational needs of the local community.
Honorable President, vice-President, Secretary as well as members of the managing body are always having informal chats with the parents students, non-teaching employees, teachers and office bearers and heads of the different institutes run by the trust. The purpose is to acquire the first hand knowledge and information and to take feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the institutes. The institute has the huge AC auditorium, Cricket stadium; Tennis court, indoor stadium, big ladies hostel and boy’s hostel with fulfill facility of Wi-Fi, Sanstha’s guest’s room, spacious play-ground in the campus. The institute has all the infrastructural facilities like building, laboratories, library, reading room, class rooms, girl’s waiting room, store room, multi-purpose hall, purified, hygienically safe and cool drinking water arrangements in each colleges. The academic map is growing fast. The results are above 90% of all the classes and the problem of copying is fully eradicated. The institute is equipped with audio-visuals as well as reprographic and IT facilities. The staff is highly qualified devoted and dedicated to teaching, learning, research and extension work taking teaching as not profession but mission of their life.
In the last but-one year our institution celebrated Golden jubilee year by organizing different programs and its ceremony program is organized by the hands of president of India Hon. Pranb Mukharji. We are proud to mention that the institute is completely free from the devastating and destructive activities like ragging, exploitation and torture to the girls as well as the female staff members, addiction to brown sugar, chorus, ganja, gurd, smoking, tobacco chewing and Alcoholism etc. The College Parivar is successful to maintain Communal harmony and brotherhood among the students and staff members belonging to different castes and religions. The institute has achieved much, yet it desires to go one step further in each and every academic year. We would like to quote Robert Frost’s couplet which was strongly appreciated by Pandit Neharuji, our first Prime-Minister and were placed on his office table throughout his life:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

The institution is fully transparent in the Administration. There are nearly about 192 Governing council members from which 28 Executive Members are elected after 3 years. Each decision about the institute is taken commonly in the meeting. The total Administration is democratic type. The President, Vice-President, Secretary are elected every 3 years.

The institute got different awards of national, State level, local level. Some of the awards are

  1. “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Dalit Mitra Puraskar”- by State Government of Maharashtra.
  2. “Rastriya Ratna Award” – by State Government of Karnataka.
  3. “Pragat Maharashtra Feloship Sanman”-by State Government of Maharashtra.